At what point are you too old to DJ?

Not forgetting dj Derek! Wasn’t he still playing into his 80s??


He almost died on the job. On his way home from a gig as I recall. It’s my goal to be working at an older age - and, hell, if I die at the decks that would be appropriate!

Actually, it was my fantasy sometime ago to have a quiet and sleepy beach bar, definitely low key and languid. The idea was that I would put on some long track, Fela Kuti maybe or a whole side of Ebenezer Obey, and just be gone at the end of it. Get buried on the beach or put on a boat, set afire and pushed out to sea Viking style. I suppose it’s not too late if I was to get off my arse.


Francis Grasso’s mixer


This is why he claimed to be able not to miss a beat while getting a blow job. Simple sliders and only his knob.


My brother did a techno gig in Hastings the other night, his son came with all his mates


Was it at Harveys Brewery?
Although David M didnt serve alcohol at the Loft rumour has it he had a keg of Harveys best available for close friends


Mmmmm. Harvey’s.

He was defo a member of CAMRA

Ah no, it was at Beak Brewery. I did however play at Harvey’s brewery for an independent beer festival the weekend the queen died. That was a bit of a challenge but went well considering. Harvey’s Best is the best :+1:


Bill Brewster is well into his 60s and I’d say at the top of his game from the mixes and clips I listen to. If you’re good people will still come and if you’ve been doing it successfully for a long time you get legendary status which generates even more interest from some younger people I think.


Carl Cox (60) knows the score

via @Balearic_Clapton


Apparently you can’t DJ when you’re 45 according to big Carl.


Mmm…his most embarrassing moment seems to be a description of what a DJ actually does. I’m clearly missing something :joy:


He’s missed out a vital part of the story I reckon, he’s talking about picking the needle up off the record that is playing.

Ngl, that made me laugh to read your comment and then read the quote itself, it’s worded so amazingly poorly, how did nobody spot that?


Hehe! I sort of guessed that too. I was looking at it and imagining someone editing the original wording trying to fit it on the page. Mmm…which words can we do without? Ah yes, playing :thinking::joy:

Remix - Bournemouth. I had the Saturday night residency upstairs at that time.

Still going at 85 and she seems amazing.


I was with a mate sunday and into Monday morning at his girlfriend house, he was doing a mix for me of tunes we both picking out, he must have played 10hr his girlfriend and her friend 10 yrs young than us were dancing and sniffing all night :shushing_face: not a bother to them, dragged me up few times during the night for a boggie and the rest and I’m stil aching all over. Met the two girls out walking the dogs last night and it was like they had the most relaxing weekend ever :thinking: and they both were horse riding that morning with out any sleep… :confused: He’s giving the mix a few listens before he sends it to me… It will be a belter :pray:

Just noticed all the emojis… Apologies I was still a bit high lol


Funny thing the two girls danced for Michael Flatleys Feet of flames or whatever it was called all around the world for a few years so I was way out of their league…


If that’s the place that used to be Glasshoppers, I played my first ever nightclub set down there in about '86/87. I think .

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