Anything Going in Hawaii?

A friend of mine who is a great DJ is travelling to Hawaii in April and asked me to ask the TP folk (his english isn’t too great thus the favor) about parties/collectives there that he could possibly get in touch with. He’s looking to hear good music and maybe if possible try for a gig opportunity. Record stores, too, if any. Anyone know what the scene is like in the 50th US state?

Aloha Got Soul label/collective.
Seem a nice bunch and very knowledgeable.
I haven’t been to Hawaii myself, so cannot vouch for the info in this video as still being current, but some good local tips nonetheless.
YT comment section has updates.
Also worth checking out AGS website/social media for more info, and the Vinyl Factory YT channel has recorded sets by DJ’s connected to the label.

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I go for work regularly and it all depends on what island you’re on.

In Waikiki, Roger Bong runs Aloha Got Soul which has a physical store now.

Hungry Ear is an absolute gem of a store. Ask the guy who owns it what is good and he’ll pull things you had no idea existed and are excellent.

Across the street Idea’s Books is a huge store that takes some patience but you’ll find decent records in there as well.

In Wailuku it’s only really Request Music but if you’ve been to the other stores over on O’ahu there won’t be anything you’ve never seen.

Just fair warning Hawaii is full of music made with the Ukulele so if that’s your thing then fill your boots. To be fair, there is a lot of great City Pop records in the stores given the amount of Japanese tourists and the proximity to Nippon.

As far as a scene goes, it’s pretty limited. It is a tourism dependent place so that’s the sort of music a lot of the venues cater to. Best bet is to contact Roger and ask him who is around. He’s a lovely chap and incredibly friendly.

The parties at people’s houses are where it really is from my experience.


Thanks a lot! I will relay this to him!