Anyone here still trade tapes?

will check these now and this week xx

These links remind me of that uneasy feeling in school when you had way too much homework to catch up on and had no idea how you’d do it by the deadline…


Another treasure trove although I am going to guess that screwtapes are NOT balearic:

It’s Dre Day and everybody’s celebrating:

Originators none greater:

Decades of excellence:

All types of hype:

M&M at the end of your FM dial:

The Propmaster:

Music boxin:

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I was there never heard of recording though… It was a great night…

Found the cassette inlay! Tape is sadly long gone


I think this is the same woman who did a lot of the covers for Markie the dude from Tonka who moved to San Francisco. She said her boyfriend sold tapes at Camden Market.


Bad blow up of a Mixcloud link but def looks the same to me.


Definitely looks the same. Yeah these tapes were sold on Camden Market. There was another great tape I had called We are Phuture, with that Art of Phuture mash up on it. Sadly also long gone.

This is one that I dug out, my wife had it before I met her

PS I was thinking about a tapes thread the other day, got no player but some I can never get rid of
What an art form

Turntable lab makes a great $58 Walkman


When I went to NY with my wife in the early 90s we asked a friend if they wanted anything, he was like ‘a Larry Levan mixtape’. I was like ‘who?’

Man if I really think about all the times I went to vinylmania and only bought a rap record. What we didn’t know back then can boggle the mind now.

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Loving this thread. There is something about the sound of cassette that I really enjoy. Harmonic distortion or something. I still record mixes to tape. They sound so good in the car! This is a great site for anyone who fancies doing the same: Welcome to Tapeline Ltd - Tapeline Ltd

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