Anyone going to Rotation?

I’ll be over from Canadia, and thinking it’d be nice to make a full weekend of it. A handful of pals are going on the Saturday, but am on the fence about doing the whole weekend on my tod.

I think there’s a TP contingent playing, but I’ve really been crap at keeping an eye on all of that, or music/forums/much in general of late, had other stuff to deal with.

So, who’s going? Any tips about the site, etc?

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@Mandarina @RichHall and @Rob.J will be spinning. Looks bloody ace, but sadly I’m otherwise engaged.


I’m playing. First time there.


I played last year although could only do the one night. It’s a great set up and really lovely people. No security, good vibes, the prefect party really. And the sound system is lovely. I can’t go this year but hopefully will next year. I stayed in a hotel about ten mins taxi ride away because I don’t do camping.


Pulled the trigger on a weekend ticket. Blagging a tent from friends who are camping on Fri/Sat, still need to sort out a hotel for the Sunday (and some other logistics for my overall trip) - but really looking forward to this!

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I’m looking at doing the Friday.

Any recommendations on a nearby hotel?

There’s a premier inn about ten mins away by taxi, I think it’s premier inn Rugeley. We stayed there and it was fine. There is a travel lodge too in the same area.


Thank you!

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Stayed at the Travelodge last year, it was passable.

The issue with staying off-site though is that taxi drivers won’t come to the site past 12, it might have even been 11, so you need to leave early.

Thanks. Apologies if this is a silly question but why won’t taxis come?

It’s a trek from the town to the festival site and they don’t need the hassle, especially late at night.

It’s probably a good idea to pre-book to make sure you get one.

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Finally pulled the trigger myself as the diary was looking a bit sparse on the party font and its been on my radar from the start

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