Against The Stream monthly show by Ulterior

Hey all :wave:t3:, a lil’ bit of shameless self promotion here :blush:. Against The Stream is the name of my monthly show on Amok Radio, based in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Against The Stream is kind of a conceptual show, because I try to focus on one theme per episode.
This January I’ve started my second year and the mix flows from downtempo to balearic and new age. I feel that this style is very relevant to the Test Pressing people, so here are the Youtube and SoundCloud links if you would like to check it out.

I will use this thread to post new mixes of the show.

Peace and love.


Additionally, all shows from the past year (2021) can be found in this playlist. You can find the theme of the mix in the playlist description.

Hey peeps, my latest show is up on YouTube. This time it’s club sounds, starting mellow and developing into hypnotic sounds.

I will also add a Soundcloud link once it’s uploaded in there.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

March episode YouTube link here, btw newest is on a happy disco-house vibe.

Previous episode SoundCloud link

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Soundcloud upload from my latest show. This one on a happy disco house vibe.