Ade Fakile - Plastic People

I never got to go to Plastic People and never got to hear Ade Fakile spin on the system, he seems to be name checked all of the time and his music taste from reports looks bang on. Some of the DJ’s I like still talk about him in interviews. Apart from the minimal interviews, does anyone have any recordings of his DJ sets or mixtapes etc ? I cant seem to find anything and I’d love to hear him spin if it is possible ?



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more recent one here

Not from Plastics, but this is another more recent one Mixcloud

Not actually Ade, but there were a couple of really good tribute to Balance mixes done by some of the regulars. This one is a favorite I go back to every now and then TRIBUTE TO BALANCE MIX (PLASTIC PEOPLE) by Sean McAuliffe | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Just threw on the tribute to balance mix, really nice stuff. I’m probably gonna listen to music all night now :rofl:

Was plastic people a sweaty club off Oxford Street in London?


This was ace ! Thank you. Love that Carl Craig record.

Sweaty, yes. Perhaps originally off / on Oxford Street, but I know it mostly as being on Curtain Rd in Shoreditch. Lots of great nights had there.

I used to go to Plastic People on Oxford Street most Saturday nights in the mid 90’s. Great club, great sound, very sweaty. Ade on the sound, Paul on the door. Happy days👍

Yes it was years ago we were over for a weekend knee’s up and went there fir Harris sub club and it was dripping sweat… Coming out onto Oxford Street was strange after being shopping there earlier…

plastics was such good fun… theo parrish, voices, innervisions. the smoking ban killed it really. was super discreet before and then everyone could be seen hanging outside

Not Ade spinning, but a great set nonetheless. Closing night at Plastic:


I was lucky enough to play at plastic people at a very early Behind This Wall night. Almost nobody there, but I didn’t care. Loved every minute of it.