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Had insomnia last night and decided to go through some forgotten tunes of my collection. Bumped into this beauty:


Love this raw, rough, and noisy-yet-simple mood. And realised I don’t know early-90s techno as much as I wish.

What are your favourite techno producers, labels and tracks from the early 90s?

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Peacefrog ooh la la


Old favourite

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I hope this thread takes off :grinning:

Too many UR, Retroactive,Planet E, Tresor, Plus 8, Luke Slater, Dave Angel, Holy Ghost, Black Dog etc

The sound of the early 90s Techno is probably a Colin Dale set or The Advent live.

X-103 - The Gardens (from 12 not LP)which manages to combine hardness, strings and something sublimely groovy.

Also Jungle Techno was mega, Fast Floor - 7th Heaven/Mindsweeper, so funky and spacey,took the Detroit blueprint and added something to it.


Properly epic.

Properly 90s with whale song and everything.

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The Red series is a must

Always thought the Dutch made some great timeless Techno, labels like DJAX, Eevolute etc. 3 favourites…


Good thread. Feel like it was a super-fertile time in music

Still makes my ears bleed! (in a good way!)


Was Network a label? Always liked this Dave Clarke mix that was free with 4 other Cds on some mag years ago

Yes from Birmingham

A strange one as released some decent underground stuff but also some really cheesy stuff so I didn’t really understand it’s direction

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Secret life… was a game changing record for Me at the time it came out.

Still pull it out from time to time

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I’m not a Techno guy but in my discogs rabbit hole browsing I found that Fumiya Tanaka’s Torema label released some crazy stuff in the 90’s.


planet e

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Always good for a head scratch.

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I loved that Planetary Assault Systems 12", preferred the other side tho…


I absolutely love this series!

That Basic Channel track…https://youtu.be/CUD4RaRSSio