7 INCHES: prized post-2000 originals

I always throw at least one in the shopping basket, the ones high up in the charts are mostly re-issue/cover/sample heavy/re-edit, what are your recent original faves ?

Came to mind: Gregory Porter, Star Creature label and this one, bit Osunlade style

Love a 7”, this being one of my post 2000 favourites…just checked the Discogs price, and nearly choked on my roast beef :anguished:

Such a great tune, perfect pop music


Great combo here. Basso and Brenda. It’s a really sweet 7”.


An exgf bought me this as a gift and i still totally love it tbh


It’s a lovely record but £150 is a lot. I guess these things are always worth what someone will pay.

The b side is amazing as well,


Last sold for £15 and homeboy wants £150 there. Good luck with that.

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This one goes for a few quid now. rightfully so IMO. Ryan is super-talented guy who deserves a bit more attention

Oh and there’s this of course…


A repress would be nice. Maybe the bloke that did it will read this topic

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Totally chancing their arm with that one

Oh that Carmel 7" is so lush

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This Carl Sagan 1 sided 7" on Third Man records is one of my fave purchases post 2000. It has a wicked etching on the flip.

Third Man created history by launching a “space-proof” turntable into space (near space, to be precise), using a high-altitude balloon to reach a peak altitude of 94,413 feet. Their goal was to “send a vinyl record up as high as possible and document it being played there.” And that they did.

According to their press release, for “the entire hour and twenty minutes of ascension, the Icarus turntable faithfully played Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn” (from “Cosmos” by Symphony of Science composer John Boswell) on repeat, using an impressively sturdy phono cartridge and stylus as well as an onboard flight computer programmed with a few different actions to keep the record playing while it was safe to do so.” Eventually, when the balloon popped (around the 83rd minute), the turntable went into “turbulence mode” and safely survived the descent back down to earth.


this is my most prized recent 7" but only because it’s so good, it’s not even rare or fetching lots of money at all. severely underappreciated IMO:

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Tintura - Liisa pehmes süles on Frotee from Estonia

Low - Stay
gorgeous cover of the Rhianna tune. I could listen to Mimi Parker sing the phone book - love it.

Otherworldly grooves from Melbourne, Australia

More Aussie goodness - these guys should need no introduction


Guilty pleasure that. Always loved it

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I love this. Went through a stage of playing it constantly on Spotify! Thanks for the reminder will need to see if it’s available online.

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This is a killer tune and a bargain for a tenner: Algiers – Blood (2012, Vinyl) - Discogs