Yves Uro Urovision - Ku Klaxon!

The new IDEA book is YVES URO - UROVISION. The first book of the great poster artist of the Ibiza club scene in the 1980’s and early 90s.

Looks amazing, I’ve just ordered mine, bound to sell out.

A debt of thanks to Apiento of this parish for his role in getting this off the ground

Buy direct from Test Pressing Store - (the source of the posters featured in this gorgeous book)

The Dave Swindells 'Ibiza ‘89’ book is back in a 2nd edition too :slight_smile:




What a beautiful thing. Just ordered as well along with one of the New York shirts. that look ace. :clap:t3: to the Idea team and @Apiento. Now if only they can reissue the Paula’s book or scrounge up a few copies for those who missed out the first go round.

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Harold Hunter was every skaters go to guy at Max Fish bar NYC… Rip HH crazy MF

We will have some for sale later today. Support your local bookshop. :smiley:. Tbh it’ll be fine. I imagine they’ll fly.


Can you post a link when they go live please @Apiento

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Course @howler - will be about 10am.


Hey All - Link here to purchase from us.

We have put this to one per customer as basically if I ship two it pushes it over the 2kg barrier and it gets more expensive to ship you two than to buy them separately. Just thinking about your pockets here… Nice!


Ahhh, I bought from IDEA, didn’t realise TP had them.

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All good! Don’t you worry. They are selling through which is nice and we haven’t even put a proper post up.

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Just placed a copy via TP shop. Thanks Paul @Apiento

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Got my copy this morning, it’s bloody lovely!


Ah super. It is a lovely thing.

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