YouTube channels that fill you with joy

A space for people to share their favourite Youtube channels. Been following this guy for near on 10 years now and I still get a little buzz when he uploads a new video. Top marks for his intro too ha

He even started his own cooking show. Amazing

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Another of my favourites

I always give this channel a look/listen when it pops up in my feed, various DJ’s various countries, various genres but always interesting.


I’m not into all those reaction video channels, but this is kind of a review channel and a secret indulgence. Those crazy kids.

This is a great mix and love his enthusiasm! Will check out the others in this series.

Youtube is generally a young persons game and gets a bad rap with the older generations, but increasingly has some amazing content and channels. I started exploring a bit two or three years ago and usually have a Youtube night once a week to catch up on what interests me. Here’s a few faves:

If you’ve seen Nomadland then this is Bob’s channel, the van dwellers guru:

One day when I settle down I’ll treat myself to some serious audio equipment rather than some compact monitors and a USB DAC. This channel, although it gets a bit technical sometimes - although you couldn’t ask for anyone better to explain it, is a gold mine of info from room acoustics, set up, separates, cables, valves, DSD, you name it:

I could list a ton of cooking channels ehre, one of my main Youtube weaknesses, but here’s a couple of faves. If you’ve got any interest in Chinese food then this is for you, show production is out of this world and although not many people will be fermenting persimmons or foraging for wild herbs and fruits this shows you the roots of Chinese cooking and if you like Asiatic cooking or have thought about moving to a yurt in the country then it will undoubtedly provide some inspiration as well:

I like this dude a lot. He’s down to earth, most of his recipes are accessible and easy to knock up, I’ve picked up loads of good tips from him and am always happy to hear him ramble on about stuff:

Chinese Cooking Demystified - does what it says on the tin:

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a vegetarian or vegan then this guy will convince you with science, some of it is too health problem specific but there is a vast archive on pretty much everything related to food and nutrition:

This guy is a good producer & synth reviewer but goes deep into multiple subjects from taking Behringer to task for unfulfilled charitable pledges, explaining NFTs, how to set up your own Youtube studio or staying overnight in a small boat in alligator filled swamps to get field recordings - always informative and smart as hell

Right that should keep you busy :slightly_smiling_face:


Solid selection - Subscribed.

That Brutus - Excitation is / was a secret weapon.

Lots of content there. Will work my way through this!

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This guy has done some nice work on his series.