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Teddy Boy by Max Decharne.

A superb book about Britain’s first youth cult, and the first sighting of the “coming to murder us all in our beds” style of hysterical press reporting.

See also mods in seaside towns on Bank Holidays, punk, acid house, gangster rap, drill music etc,etc.


I’m reading about ME. I was on the other end of the questions for Jaeger’s blog


I first came across Soft Rocks via your Greg Kihn jeopardy edit and your take on paco de lucia was good fun too. would then sometimes see the others play in Brighton. All seems a long time ago now!

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Similar experience here this morning. Look east - 2006. Cripes. Not sure I like it when I look this stuff up. Loved that 12, don’t think I played out without that in my bag for a solid 3 years. Loving the mysticisms stuff these days. :fist:

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not sure I will ever again in my life experience the electric atmosphere, the cacophony of cheers that greeted it at Turnmills when Knuckles kicked off his set in 2005, but following on from that ‘classics’ discussion the other week, deffo a track I would never want to hear again

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I know exactly what you mean although I did hear that boot with the David Cole solo the other day and really enjoyed it.

05? Is that right/what night was that? Sorry but nerdy about Frankie.
I remember him doing Trade there in 01 and City Loud in 04 then I didn’t think played there til the Def Mix Anniversary weekender in 07 - which I definitely remember coz I got the warm up :wink:

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He guested at Rampling’s ‘retirement’ do (October 2005). Half the London house fraternity was there. He came on around 4am and played a blinder.

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Of course. I was there. In body if not in mind. All I can remember from that is meeting Meme on the dancefloor right at the end when the lights came up.

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I can take or leave a lot of the stuff I contributed to Soft Rocks tbh. But I do still really like that one.

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Not sure if this is the right thread but is everyone reading the Phil Mison posts on Instagram with memories, track lists and video from the 90s at Cafe Del Mar?


"Steve Jobs later modified his approach, creating a way for fans to buy individual songs for the iPod, “that did more damage to the industry than anything”, Witt said. “Whereas, before they could sell a $15 CD to fans who really just wanted one song, now those fans could get that song for just a dollar.” "

Exactly. The entire industry made its money from conning people into buying things they didn’t actually want, setting itself up for the piracy to come.


I’ve always got time for Phil. We were all at this little rural festie in Umbria a few years ago (a thread in itself) and there was this old expat English guy from Hong Kong, with this slightly affected flamboyance, thought he was George Melly, very full of himself, how he was the biggest DJ in Asia etc, and at one point he leant over to Phil at the dinner table and said “I toured with Leftfield in the 90s you know” and then Phil replied drily “No you didn’t because I was with them”. I nearly choked laughing.


classic phil!

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Good read and interview with Ge-ology.


I think Ive got a DL of that mix (in a bag of 100s of CDs in loft)

Was it on Girls FM?

It must be on Mixcloud - Goes to search

As had a few long car journeys Ive just done the Audible / M Jayston of Tinker Tailor

Even though I know whole plot its such a joy to listen to when you cant focus on ‘new things’

Im on last chapter when George realises its Hayden & about to confront him - peak time Le Carre

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My friend Caroline is heavily involved in putting this on. Gutted I wasn’t in the country. Next time….