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Really an extraordinary self-own by Apple in failing to read the room with their new iPad advert.

It really makes for depressing/dystopian viewing in light of how many of us are here to celebrate a shared love of cultural artifacts and shared object.

Remember when technology was inspiring?


Children of the Neon Bamboo- must read of this millennium.

Double drop of LP and book from the postman yesterday


I don’t know if you caught this masterful lesson in menswear and takedown of inflated incel Tristan Tate’s ridiculously tight suits the other week on Twitter but it was both informative and beautifully done

I love perusing his posts whilst having my morning tea at 6am pre dog walk

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He really knows his music…


J Greenwood is one of the great living Englishmen. Can’t wait for the smile gig in Valencia :slightly_smiling_face:

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The story of Italian label “Baby Records”

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The Danny Baker Collection - Two Day Sale skip to page 12 for all the Bowie test pressings…

Free with Kindle Unlimited. I’ve found many books on classical / orchestral music to be over my head but, halfway in, I’m digging it completely.

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Haven’t read yet but looking forward to diving in


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Fascinating piece about state/organised crime in the Balkans, had no idea about the cigarette trade etc

In 1992 the cigarette manufacturers R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris began sending cargo planes from Switzerland, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia to Podgorica. Cartons of cigarettes were transported to warehouses in the port of Bar, put in speedboats that reached Italy in under two hours, and then driven north, unstamped and untaxed. (In 2000 the EU filed a civil lawsuit in the US against the two companies, alleging that they ‘facilitated the smuggling of cigarettes illegally’ into the EU. Philip Morris agreed to pay $1.25 billion in an out-of-court settlement in 2004 but did not admit liability; R.J. Reynolds said that the allegations were baseless.)


As you might have guessed from my Fact Of The Day post, I’m finally getting around to reading this book.


I certainly remember The Streets ‘polarising’ opinion on certain forums…


Here’s something seasoned blogger Jon Freer just posted about ‘spiritual’ house and specifically the mighty Ibadan Records. A label I’ve lost touch with but which ruled my world on the bigger floors early 2000s