What to do? Record clear out

I’ve about a thousand old 90s records, some good and some ok. Need space but carnt be arsed selling individually. What’s the best way to get some cash and move them on?

where are you (roughly)?

If you’re in the UK you could sell them to my brother, he buys collections*

*other record dealers are available


I used to shop in Covert when I lived in Brighton.

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My mate Aidy at Vinyl Underground buys collections and pays fairly (for a dealer). Northampton based, drop him a line he’s a nice bloke.

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Hi - I buy collections so drop me a message if you want to! Cheers

I had a clearout last year of about 750 records, and no time for the hassle of selling on discogs
I did make time however to list them all, with the discogs median price of each of them- worth doing as it gives you a sense of retailer value, and the means of negotiating, rather than simply taking the best initial offer. I also listed conditions of vinyl and cover. A number were of high value, and these made the ones worth pennies more attractive as a bulk buy.

I boxed them all up, coded the boxes and had my list organised so each box’s contents were fully listed and ordered alphabetically- making their unloading and cataloguing far easier the other end

I sent the lists off to a number of buyers/retailers, and stuck with the ones offering half the total median value as the starting bid- this price ensures they make a good margin what with their overheads with no ceiling of course on the higher value stuff, making the harder to shift stuff tolerable, and destined for their bargain bins

This filtering of offers then led to then led to a bidding war between 3 , with dealers upping bids from that half median total. In the end I got £400 over half the median price, plus the winner collected them all

It helped them a lot that all were listed and valued- it built trust, made their job easier and when it came to collecting, rather than checking each boxed up set of vinyl to possibly negotaite the agreed price down, he just checked one, was very happy with organisation and condition and took them all away, having paid the final agreed price on the spot via bank transfer and some cash. A couple of weeks later, I collected all the boxes from the shop, so I can use them again when I move home, and didn’t lose the outlay on them

If you make some time, and make the buyers job far easier, you will get a far better price

Hope this helps a bit