What is your vinyl ripping setup?

Scaled everything back and just do it from decks into the record function of my pioneer djm350 mixer I have in the studio onto a usb as 16 bit wavs then play the recordings alongside the originals to check they match, any extra welly/ repairs done in Audition, seems to work ok for me.
Unless really bad, keep all pops and clicks in aswell, keeping it real :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right place to ask this. I’ve recently started a small collection of vinyls to play at my 40th birthday in August, especially those that aren’t available on platforms like Bandcamp. My plan is to digitise them, but I’ve discovered that my current setup is far from ideal for achieving high-quality rips.

While I’d love to invest in the necessary equipment to get that warm, rich sound, my budget (and my wife’s approval) doesn’t quite allow for it right now. So, I’m reaching out to see if anyone here has a good vinyl ripping setup and would be willing to help me digitise a few records. I’d cover all postage costs and any other necessary expenses.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Craig if you’ve got a record player and a laptop/pc it’s really not expensive or difficult to do yourself.

There are a few threads on here about this topic.

A device like an iRig Stream connects your phono to the laptop and is about £90.

Audacity software is free and easy to use to record the file.

Quality will be absolutely fine for the kind of scenario you’ve described. Much easier than posting records to someone to record for you, imo.

Thanks man, I did have a look at the thread and was worried that the cost of acquiring the necessary equipment would be prohibitive or better spent on records - but £90 doesn’t sound too unreasonable - will do some digging :saluting_face:

Not a cheap fix but my record cleaning machine has made the biggest difference to the quality of my rips.

When stuff is really battered or I plan to release it, I use these guys for vinyl restoration: https://compoundaudio.net/

Which machine have you got?

I got the Okki Nokki ONE. I think they’re all much of a muchness really, But it can do 7s as well as 12s which some don’t


I have this too you can do 10” aswell at the flick of a switch. I had the original okki nokki but this version is way more practical as you only have one suction arm.