What don't you get

Keith Haring ice cream. Yay capitalism :roll_eyes:


Yeh way over hyped!

Lost my dad on 14th Jan. Cancer, 84 years old.

I like the guy I’m about to mention, I don’t really know how I feel right now, it’s a huge mix of emotions but said DJ ‘announced’ one of his parents’ passing recently on social media.

So far the post has had 650 likes obviously mostly from people who had no connection except dancing to a few tunes.

I would feel so crass for even considering announcing my father’s death on FB. So I guess ironically this post is doing it here.

I’m not a DJ so my father’s death would never get 650+ likes on FB.

This would probably be just as apt in the social media dilemma thread.


Sorry to hear about your loss. My sincerest condolences.


Thank you, I love this space X

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Sorry for your loss

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Sorry for your loss. Hope you have some lovely memories to cherish.

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sorry to hear about your dad. i can’t imagine that’s easy. my folks turn 80 this year and i’ve been thinking about y’know, what comes next.

they’re FB types of people (read: boomers) so i’ll probably have to announce it there as that’s where their old friends and distant relatives are. but it does seem like a grim and depressingly late-capitalist place to put it. i don’t think a lot of folks put a whole lot of thought into what social media would be like when it’s daily users begin to expire.

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So sorry P. Sending condolences x

Very sorry to hear that. Sending you and your family best wishes.

And remember there’s no ‘right’ way to feel about something like this. Whatever gets you through the night, is alright. X.


Sorry for your loss and much love to you and your family. :heart:

I am sorry for your loss, I think because we are all here due to a shared passion it means there’s a bit more care when a member experiences something like this. My condolences.

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Sorry for your loss. Sending condolences and best wishes to you.

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Someone at Lush thought this was a good idea… :grimacing:


Could’ve been worse, turns the bath water blood red. Worse still has a subtle fragrance of Harry Monk.


True story. One of my best mates is actually called Harry Monk. I once got pulled over driving his car and when the copper asked for my name he thought I was taking the pi$$ when I told him “Harry Monk”. He then checked the reg and grudgingly let me go with a producer that the real Harry Monk then fulfilled. To this day, H gets discounts from mechanics and various other people who literally cannot believe it’s his actual name. Fair to say his parents were not students of slang.


Oh that’s made my day. Thank you :joy::joy:


His school years must’ve been almost as bad as the boy in my year called Anil Seth


I don’t actually think they were. He grew up in genteel Surbiton! At University when I met him, a girl in our halls from the proper East End was literally in tears when they got introduced though. Before long he was simply ‘The Jiz’ to many people.


beyonce goes country Super Bowl 2024 announcement: Why Beyoncé is reclaiming country music - BBC Culture

seems to me like she built up a lot of goodwill and love from the house music community with her last album, and maybe i’m old and out of touch but i don’t see the house folks giving her newly-discovered country side much of a chance.

furthermore, i don’t see a lot of current country fans openly welcoming… well, pretty much anything that isn’t white, male and MAGA-adjacent.

that said, beyonce’s commercial success speaks for itself, so what do i know?