What are you watching?

A longer thread about TV incoming - paying through the nose for cable + about every other streaming platform - and then they charge you anyway - all getting a bit too £££


I hear you - we pay for Netflix & Hulu but mooch off a friend’s HBO. We refuse to pay for any more. It’s nearly enough to get me back into torrenting :money_mouth_face:

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Anybody got a Criterion channel login they’d be kind enough to share?

Bear season 3. Feel like it’s a starter for season 4. That’s what I’m hoping anyway

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This was fun.


Loved this one. Really fun!

ended up watching this last night on your recommendation - thought it was really good, especially the way it didn’t cop out with a sentimental ending.

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Cool, glad you enjoyed. Tsai Chin is a great actress.

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Enjoyed this last night.

And if you haven’t seen Taxidermia by the same director… you need to get on that!

Has anyone seen this? 2023 Prime show based on the Cronenberg movie.

Watched All Of Us Strangers last night. Wow. Not what I expected at all. Beautiful film.


Alcaraz beating up Djokovic right now :flushed:


Annihilating him. Incredible tennis from Alcaraz! Let hope Spain have played all their ace cards this afternoon.

Djokovic breaks back though.


Great match. Alcaraz was devastating. Definitely the end of an era and the start of a new one (albeit it probably started 2 years ago)

Had a grimey NYC movie night last night.

Story of a Junkie. Just had a 4K restoration and reissue.

Satan’s Bed. Starring a very young Yoko Ono.

The Sin Syndicate. 42nd Street grindhouser.

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All-Ireland Hurling Final live.

Hurling is full on mental. Can’t believe I’ve never watched before, I’m hooked


Started watching the Jetty on iPlayer last night… definitely not good for my current mental state as I can see my 10 year old daughter turning out exactly like the main character.

The Tour finale. It’s been a great battle but Pogacar is an absolute machine, unplayable even though Vingegaard came back from his injury.

The Jetty eps 1&2. Very good so far. Been missing a good BBC investigation drama

About to start The Acolyte. Hopefully good?


The last mountain stage yesterday was something else, Pogacar is unstoppable!

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Fastest game ever and never a 0 - 0 draw