What are you listening to now, I mean right now in this moment?

Big fan of Isabeau Fort mixes
down.cast °77 mit Isabeau Fort by down. on #SoundCloud

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i don’t speak a lick of french but i’m pretty sure that an AoN cover on track six, right? pretty clever.

Alex’s last show for Cashmere


Yeah, seems to be based around it. That’s also the track on the Efficient space comp.

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According to their Bandcamp album notes, the lyrics are by William Blake.

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Another girl who floats my boat with slowed down floaty bangers…
: Gina Sabatini - Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise by Laut & Luise on #SoundCloud

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Mark E - Enchantment Under The Sea by Les Yeux Orange on #SoundCloud


There’s a track called Body Map I have heard hope it’s on the same Ep as these two…
Just checked it is… :roll_eyes:

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Slo-mo Oddness
THE ODDNESS | Sofa Beats Series Ep. 68 | 29/10/2023 by radiOzora on #SoundCloud


loving the 2nd track

And the Nathan Haines track….

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thanks to TSMM

Double whammy

I first heard that on the Nuphonic London Xpress CD (David Holmes)!


I know it’s been said but the new Vince Clark has some moments on it