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Wedding banger

Matthew Burgess did my wedding and was brilliant. It was a bit weird seeing my parents and in laws in a circle swaying to “City Lights” though.


Oh yes, each and every time, an absolute classic

Almost ended my marriage about 10 hours into it when, despite my new wife instructing me that i wasn’t to do so, having a turn on the decks at the evening bash.
Managed to play this before getting a good talking to…


I was instructed to do the same and we decided that none of my friends should DJ either, so we hired the guy the hotel recommended. He asked for a playlist which we all spent far too much time as a collective compiling. Wife sent her songs in about 20 minutes after the email was received, and I sent mine in 3 days, 4 Skype meetings and countless emails later. We thought we were set. The guy proceeded to ignore pretty much every request bar the first dance. It being a wedding people danced anyway but we all agreed the next day we should’ve kicked him off. My wife took his microphone away from him about 10 minutes in and got a round of applause.



Last time I got married, there was discussion of what kind of band to have. I wanted an African band I knew of, but was told by my wife-to-be that that wouldn’t go over very well with her relatives from Chicago who would expect something more along the lines of a polka band. This did not appeal to me. Being a DJ myself, I declared that I would put some CDs together. This was so long ago that I didn’t have the gear to record an actual mix so we basically ended up with 4 compilation CDs. I’d selected with a view to them being mixable, but still there’s a gap between the songs. It all worked out. Nobody missed the polka band and we didn’t really bother with any dancing, embarrassing or otherwise. People swayed around a bit I suppose, but mostly we all got quite drunk. That was near 26 years ago. The nice thing is that those CDs can still be played at appropriate moments. I still enjoy them immensely.

I’ve played a few weddings over the years for friends mostly. Not anymore. There’s a lot of emotional baggage around weddings and what I’d call format expectations. No fun to jump through the hoops. However, I’m thinking it might be time to develop a sideline in playing for funerals.


We’re going to a wedding next weekend, Get Down Edits are playing so should be something for everyone :green_heart:

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I DJed my brother’s wedding on Saturday. The main reason I offered was because there wasn’t any music at his first wedding about 15 years ago and it had been weird.

My one stipulation was that I didn’t want guests bothering me with requests so they asked for any requests to be added to the RSVP. Don’t know if that’s a thing, but it worked well.

I expected most of the music to be left up to me, but the couple ended up giving me so much music that they wanted that I decided to stick to that. I filtered out as much of the dross as possible from all the requests. I was left with pretty standard wedding fare plus quite a lot of 90s dance hits. It all seemed utterly devoid of soul so I added a little bit.

It was my first gig using a laptop in 25+ years of DJing. I bought the Rane Seventy 3 years ago so it was cool to actually learn and use some of its digital functions. Maybe I’ll press some of those buttons again in the future.

My brother’s ‘first dance’ was literally that. The first time I’ve ever seen him dance in his entire life. He’d practised, like. Bless him.

He’s a bloody lovely bloke and it was nice to be of some use to them on their big day.


I DJd for my Mum’s 70th birthday party. She did the classic of saying to me ‘oh just play stuff that people like’!! So having explained I had no
Idea what her friends liked I got her to ask everyone for one song they’d like to hear on the night and built the set off the back of that. It worked brilliantly. Perhaps more so as it was a birthday so mainly the friends were of a similar age, but the concept is great. Everyone gets to hear their tune.


Reminded of my cousins wedding in 2015. They went full on, amazing castle in Tuscany, absolutely stunning. Incredible food, loads of free booze, about 150 guests stayed there for the weekend. A band played in the evening. They were pretty good (Groove is in the Heart was a highlight). The band stopped. There was no DJ!
100+ late 20s/early 30s guests in full party mode, could have gone on all night. Someone scrabbled around for a bluetooth speaker and put some crap on but it went really flat, really fast, party over!
This place :sunglasses:

At my friend’s wedding in the 2000s he’d lined up a few friends to play, mainly indie type of stuff. When that ran out the people he’d hired the PA from took over. Jive Bunny was the first track.

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This was the last wedding I did for some mate’s in Ireland. TBH, I really enjoyed it as it allowed me to play stuff I rarely get to play out these days, i.e., a bit more uptempo shizzle. I tried to keep it full of stuff folk would be familiar with, without it veeing into out and out fromage territory. Seemed to go down well, which is all that matter really :smiley:


Here’s what got played

1 Change - Let’s Go Together
2 SIRS - Love Me Right
3 Tear For Fears - Head Over Heels (Fingerman’s Stems VIP Edit)
4 Peza - Buddah’s Watching
5 Wrekin Havoc - Oh La Lover
6 Gaznevada - Special_Agent Man (Female Version)
7 Sade - Paradise (Apiento Edit)
8 Captain Sensible - Say Wot (Andy Buchan edit)
9 Paper Street Soul - Rain (Ourra remix)
10 Bananarama - Cruel Summer (Jo Manji Dub mix)
11 Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna (Hear & Now Onda Nueva Remix)
12 Nashville Rhythm Section – I Can’t Go For That (Rune Lindbæk edit)
13 Sheila E - A Love Bizarre (Extended 12")
14 Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Psychemagik Naive Edit)
15 Grace Jones - Unlimited Capacity For Love
16 Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling (Original Mix)
17 Sister Sledge - Lost In Music
18 Jamie Principal - Your Love (Original Mix)
19 Yazoo - Situation (US dub)
20 400 Blows - Movin’ (Special Extended Club Remix)
21 Dombrance - Taubira (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
22 Crazy P -Changes (Hot Toddy remix)
23 Tuff City Kids - Tell Me (Tensnake Remix)
24 Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Soulwax For Despacio Remix)
25 John Paul Young - Love is in the air (Chris G’s Edit)


did something similar for our wedding, “pick two tunes that you associate with us” on the RSVP.

worked brilliantly, up until Meat Loaf, there’s always one uncle… :joy:


Thought this would be the best place for this one