Wanted - acid house interviewees

Hello everyone,

Apart from being a regular reader and occasional poster on here, I’m also a part-time PhD student at Central Saint Martins in London researching ageing, legacy and meaning in the acid house subculture.

The project explores what it means to have participated in the acid house subculture of the late 1980s and early 1990s and what impact that participation has had on the post-youth and later life attitudes, beliefs, practices and more of ‘those who were there’ and who still continue to identify and engage with the subculture in some way today.

‘Acid house lifers’ as someone on here brilliantly put it, of which I guess that I’m one and I’m pretty sure there are quite a few others on here too.

After two years of reading and researching the related academic theory and jumping through hoops for the ethics committee, I finally have the go ahead to carry out interviews with those who were part of the acid house phenomenon back then and who still participate in or connect with the subculture/subcultural scene as it exists today.

So, if you fit the bill and are willing to be interviewed by me, or know someone else suitable that might, then please send me a message via the forum here and I will be glad to give you more details about the research, explain what the interviews entail or answer any questions you might have.

Many thanks in advance,



Just seen this. Please send me an email and I can fill you in, if you are interested in speaking to me

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Messaged you Pete. Many thanks!