Vandervolgen - Yeah Man Mix

Wanted to listen to this mix for a track ID, but it’s not on the net anymore. In my memory it was from the Dreamchimney site: Justin Vandervolgen Yeah Man mix. (2008/2009?)
Does anybody have an upload for this?
Many thanks in advance

@mikebee ?

Hmm I don’t think I have that or if I did, I lost it in a drive crash. Sorry!

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The title sounds familiar, or I might be confusing it with a track title from his Try To Find Me Vol 2 CD.

Looks like it was posted on warmhq soundcloud in April 2010. I’ll check the hard drive and iPod later…

Keeping it JV this was on one of his mixes a few years back and totally blew my mind. (And still does!)

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Found it on the old iPod, it was from lovefingers blog…

Here you go: justin_vandervolgen_-_yeah_man_lovefingers.mp3 - Google Drive


ID’d a few:

Luther Vandross - Good for the soul.
Taco - Cheek to cheek (dub?).
? - ?
The Creatures - Right now.
Colours - Glimpse (Jay Shepheard dub?).
Eastside Connection - You’re so right for me (inst).
?SHazam’d it - Jebski & Yogurt - Another Gravity Kaoru Inoue Mix?
Can’t remember the group?? - That’s the kind of love (Dusty cover)
Golf Channel - Needs Ending (Edit of Jo Jo Zep - Losing Game).


Thanks a lot! Really appreciated

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Looking for the dubtechno track around 05;00. Could be a 45 played on 33

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Yeah that’s a blinder. Hopefully someone should be able to identify it.

Joris Voorn - Many Reasons (played at 33rpm)


Wow! That’s great. Thanks alot


This forum is the best.


Anyone know the one at 12 min?? “Looking for love…”

Maybe a JV edit.

That´s Candi Staton. I think he edited it.


Nice, thanks!