Unusual musical directions in 2020 / 2021

Since we haven’t been able to get together and dance over the last year or so, the classic 4 to the floor, house and disco bag got thrown to one side and other sides of the record collection seemed to jump out and want to make themselves know on a more intimate level.

Stuff you sometimes buy on a whim, play and then file away seemed to be where my interest was heading musically over the last 12 months. I found myself wanting to bulk out the side of my collection that I don’t often play to anyone else in fear of being annihilated and ousted from the musical community I’ve found myself apart of over the last 20 years or so.

I found myself searching out the more obscure, less well known artists and styles, those odd privately pressed records that don’t have soundclips on the internet and leave you wondering and searching tirelessly in an attempt to uncover that something unique that your peers have never heard and would be totally blown away by.

Being a fan of the Balearic sound has always allowed for a left-field leaning musically, but this has become even more so the case in the last 12 months due to having quite a bit of spare time on my hands to dive a little deeper into those musical worm holes.

Discovering new dimensions in music in 2021 has become one hell of a pass time for me and has blown open the boundaries more than ever before. Whether it be that odd synthed out gospel track hidden on that Ginny Ambrose L.P you thought you’d never play anywhere but didn’t quite want to hand back to the chazza shop, that Banjo Raga on the Woody Simmons L.P that you couldn’t quite crowbar into a mix anywhere, that super soulful Hymn on the Adventure / Unlimited - Summer Echos L.P or the super infectious country funk of Boyer and Talton’s - Love 40, it all became relevant in 2020 / 2021 as part of the ever growing search for musical meaning and an attempt to connect the DNA of Soul & Country, Jazz & Folk or Psychedelic Americana and Gospel.

Musically 2020 & 2021 most certainly have a silver lining, I think Ive connected with one of the things I love most on a much deeper level. The collection now seems to have a depth to it that previously was missing. I feel Im maturing as a music lover & consumer and that can only be for the better.

Ginny Ambrose Bridle - The Treasure (No Soundclips, Ill Upload to YouTube Soon)

Woody Simmons - Banjo Raga

Adventure / Unlimited - Rainy Day Blues

Boyer & Talton - Love 40

More of this to follow in the thread as we go: Folk, Jazz, Soul, Acoustic, Organic, Spiritual, New Age, Country, Gospel, Americana, Canadiana.



Those were all great - solid choices. I’ll throw my hat in the ring…

I was late to the party on this one and its a huge Grammy winning commercial album, but goddamn if I didn’t keep coming back to it on many occasions during the past 12 months. There’s something magical about the production and her voice is just stellar. The melodies are all earworms, and I just loved it.

Fantastic private press reissue of Jeff Majors - harp, drum machine, soul vocals.

The charm and feel of this album by the Yanti Bersaudara (which means the Yanti sisters: Yani, Tina & Lin Hardjakusumah), originally released in Indonesia, 1971 comes highly recommended.

Modern Studies from Scotland - folk not folk. Evocative and mysterious yet oddly comforting.


Nice flavours here sir,

Heading in for the outer-reaches with the Yanti Bersaudara from 1971. The organ work is ace.

Loving the Kasey Musgraves also.

Heres some more wonderful directions.

Lisa Pastille - No Exit

John Wonderling - Cowboy Lullaby

Isabelle Mayereau - Jeux Des Regard

Heaven & Earth - Feel The Spirit

Naomi Lewis - Seagulls & Sunflowers


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Bobby Wright - Blood Of An American

George Smallwood - I Love My Father

The Youngbloods - Sunlight

Angelo de Augustine - How Past Begins

Marc Benno - Speak Your Mind

Robert Lester Folsom - April Suzanne



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The Marc Benno & TheYoungbloods are gold @Balearic_Clapton.

Wow, some astounding stuff here guys, loving’s this thread.

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Nice one for jumping in here @MastaF loving the contributions. Cheers

Finally got around to buying some Fridge records this year, which are thankfully not terribly expensive:

Also been listening to Vashti Bunyan’s excellent third LP quite a bit:

Dug out a stack of CD-R releases from my house show hosting days and have been revisiting some of my favorite '00s DIY folk jams, too:

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LOVE that Marc Benno LP! It’s been the soundtrack to many a backyard bonfire hangout these past few months :slight_smile:

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There could almost be a thread of the best version of this but I’d say this could be the best.

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A real gem released in 2021 that fits right in on this thread.
" Walking Up That Valley is like a lost record from the golden era of progressive rock from a band that still eludes easy categorization. Blending elements of Canterbury prog, jazz rock and pastoral folk without falling into kitsch or becoming a pastiche, Needlepoint is a true rare gem."

Had me at “Canterbury” - did not dissapoint

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This just arrived in my playable options. Mid 70’s algerian berber devotional material. It’s been drilling it’s way way into my skull for a few days now.

'71 I-talian library niceness.

a perfect instrumental from Dave Pajo

Fab cover of the Donnie and Joe Emerson tune

a song born out of time

Louis Armstrong’s killer version of the Leon Thomas/Pharoah Sanders spiritual classic

Louis Bonfa and heavy friends

people forget that REM were once a very good band