Test Pressing Merch?

As a household who have several ‘Got any Chris Rea?’ garments, will there be any new TP clobber in 2021?

I regret not picking up a Discoteca sweat.




Ah just figured out how to add people…

It’s very fancy this forum software. I learnt quoting the other day. Highlight the bit you want, hit the little reply arrow and job done.

And in answer, yes. Am on it at the moment. I’ll do another run of the discoteca line I think just as I liked it so much and then some new bits. Hopefully ready for spring.


@Apiento Great to hear!

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Maybe a TP forum t? (Too soon) :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m very sad I never got one of these shirts.


@Apiento Also any kids tees? Would love to visibly inflict my musical tastes onto my child.


Heh. Yes. Something that has crossed my mind before. On the list…

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Previous merchandise by @Apiento

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We are working on some new bits… Hopefully with us soon. P.

Can you get these into the warehouse? Pretty please? :wink:

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