Test Pressing Archive

Hey All. I’m working on building up the TP archive. I know the site can be a little bit hard to navigate sometimes (hot the bold headings and they take you to the sections) but if you head to the following link you can see how much stuff is on there that I’ve scanned to date.

I’m just doing a load of new scans now and have done a Claussell interview and piece on Bandulu but point being if anyone has any scans they think fit the archive then please hit me up on here…

In general I am just keen to start spreading the good word, both past and future, on the music that matters on the site. Lets see where we get to :grinning:


gonna sound like a kiss ass but thanks Apiento for all the hard work you do - this site is one of the few that i always check daily…gracias!


Ssshhh heheheh. Tbh this forum is really nice. I like how we get the odd new person joining and it’s just naturally bobs along. Right, back to the archive. Anyone got any good scans that would fit?

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Here’s Mad Mike interviewed in '94 by Jockey Slut’s Paul Benney…


Here’s Weatherall interviewing Bandulu from the same issue in '94.


Weatherall interview from Jockey Slut in '96 whilst in Two Lone Swordsman mode.

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A chat with William Orbit in Jockey Slut in 95…


Got a few good ones from early mixmags Paul - black dog interview, ambient article etc - will scan up

Ah yes please. What’s the black dog interview in?

Mixmag - 92 or 93

Thank you

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