Song ID from Test-pressing NTS-show

hello, since that particular show did not have a complete playlist, I need your help here.
Show guests Telephones & Francis Inferno Orchestra said something about this record being from italian MBG label, but no artist/trackname.

The track is the last one of the show, beginning at approx. 1hr 56 minutes

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Easy Janno

Its the dub from this no?

    Fun Fun


Thanks, but no, I even have this fun fun track :slight_smile:

This italian MBG one is more uptempo and modern, probably from the nineties

I just saw, than the mixcloud link (to the show) in my initial post is not visible, trying again

this was such a good show, I think I spent the whole 2 hrs in the NTS chatbox getting excited by it

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If You haven’t come across it already 90% certain its on
MBG presents new latin age - Italian voice


Yes! you are spot on, thats it ! Thank you very much !

although its quite expensive at discogs :slight_smile:


Bit pricey alright .

Found wav for sale here