Social Japanese Bar Style Listening Event

It’s the now a full time in-house System in the Basement. There is also a side room with a decent system and a chill out space. Capacity is approx 150 downstairs as far as I know.

Upstairs is a Phazon based with a lot of subs under the stage, it’s a big venue upstairs.


That’s all RLA spec gear.
He had a Ibiza system that was not the huge big horn stuff famous in New York. The tape from that is on the to do list also.


Cool, I go back to Liverpool quite a bit so will come and check it out

Is that the one on the Dock Road near Everton’s new ground?

Hopefully some good feedback will come out with this guy.


The system is used for social listening as well so fill your boots and give them feedback.


All good, I’m in Melbourne these days but will check them out next time I’m home.

Has anyone here heard the sun palace sound system?

But its where Marc Almon 1st heard Tainted Love courtesy of Ian Dewhirst

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Post record fair yestaday, didn’t preview prior to. Mark assisted with the graft nobody wants to do nowadays, went down well. Would really like to move onto a bar where the demographic is most certainly there.

had to edit as I think that was the highlight in that order!