Slow TV - Pass Time In A Mellow Fashion

Just watched an episode of Chefs Table on Netflix about a Korean nun. Absolutely beautiful & qualifies perfectly.

Just made me want to live in the mountains and eat small slivers of vegetables in some kind of broth for the rest of my life.

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Just came across the V&A museum’s you tube channel, short videos on some very clever people recreating old art techniques or just making beautiful things



I’ve started watching Backgammon tournaments online. I love the game, play it online everyday on my phone to unwind (for XP, not for money) and I can sit and watch a match for a few hours and I find it both relaxing and a learning experience for my game.

It’s slow, interesting and sort of comforting


Woah… This is amazing @deepconcentration - it’s a NASA live stream of earth from space if you can’t see it as I couldn’t…

it is indeed! thanks for the fixed link.

as i mentioned earlier, this is in the spirit of “the NASA channel” which i loved dearly way back when. most of the time we’d watch it and play records to soundtrack it, but a lot of times we’d just opt for the audio from the feed, which was the random radio communications back and forth between mission control and whatever shuttle they had up at the moment.

as much as i love music and sounds created with intent, i will also tune into weird radio stuff and listen to things like taxi dispatch in faraway countries. many years ago a friend of mine and i set up a radio scanner which depending on the transmission frequencies would trigger a bunch of synth patterns. put enough reverb and delay on the transmissions themselves, and it was set-it-and-forget-it ambient noise music. the best part was that the channel we chose was literally waste collection dispatch radio - all of the “garbagemen” talking to each other about progress rates and traffic blockers.

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Not sure if ‘mellow’ but def slow
The Alec Guinness series of Tinker Taylor is a masterpiece of suspense. Lots of pauses whilst clocks tick
I ‘tapoed’ it but have switched to another TV provider so lost it

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Totally agree on Dick Proenekke, @deepconcentration. I revisit ‘Alone In The Wilderness’ on YouTube often and dream of that Walden lifestyle.

Bob Mortimer & Paul Whitehouse fishing is a good remedy for a shit day too - as much about two wise old mates as it is beautiful scenery and fishing.


Gone Fishing is my go to telly for a Sunday evening.