Separating the art from the artist

The recent “sanitation” of Roald Dahl’s books comes to my mind repeatedly when thinking of this subject. Not to mention the absurdity of Elizabeth Gilbert pulling her next book after intense pressure from those who haven’t even read it - all based on rumour and innuendo, a whipped up mob of ignorance and group thinking manipulated by a few. And, I suppose, if you want a real hornets’ nest, think about J. K. Rowling and her fall from grace due to her opinions on a certain touchy subject.

Personally, I think the right of free speech is paramount with the exception of white supremacy. And perhaps a few other inane and genuinely dangerous subjects, but I’m pressed to think what they are. I suppose the crap Trump spouts should not be welcomed, but damned if I know how to shut him up without making things worse.

None of this excuses actual predatory behaviour by old men, or even young men, towards females of any age. There’s an ocean of difference between saying or espousing something and carrying out whatever garbage you’ve expressed. But one can lead to the other, and the words of some influential voices can encourage others to be ugly, so . . . Where do we go from here?


Omar S accused of a nasty assault :slightly_frowning_face:

I guess judging by his actions in the post above maybe we shouldn’t be surprised how much he stood up for DM.

Depressing :frowning:

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Omar S is strongly disputing the allegations.

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A lot of his label mates have disowned him pretty quickly, maybe they are onto something. Granted we have become such a guilty until proven innocent society, so who knows anymore

I’ve never had glass broken over my skull but I assume it would leave more cuts than what was pictured.

Maybe in the US the glassing skills aren’t quite up to the expert levels that are in the UK.


I’ve seen glasses smashed into people’s faces and skulls quite a few times and it differs a lot. I’ve seen a bottle smash off someone’s head and leave no obvious injury (probably a bruise later) i also saw someone smash a glass against the wall and a shard slashed someone’s throat open (actual spurt of arterial blood) standing quite a distance away from them.

Drunk and/or coked up people seem to love just striking the person in front of them with whatever is in their hand sometimes.

Kinda glad i don’t play that gig any more tbh…

And people are falling over themselves to write eulogies for this sack of sh1t!

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I deleted that link. Whilst people I trust were sharing it, reading his Medium page raised a few doubts about the author

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I feel like a lot of people either didn’t know, or are just finding out now and struggling to figure out the whole “separating the art from the artist” thing.

Yeah very probably, I didn’t know but I wasn’t into that scene, he didn’t hide it though, a lot of long term friends and fans must have known, same ones who are now telling everyone what a great guy he was, same ones who would, rightfully, condemn Epstein, Glitter, Saville…

I felt really sick when I read that link, I actually had to turn away.
When I saw the news I mentioned it to my 16yr old daughter who listens to the pixies, nirvana etc.
My wife asked who he was, a record producer and a good bloke I said. I’d watched a few youtube vids of him in his studio and he came across as a decent man with principles. It’s very difficult to know what to think anymore.
Heaven help us when the AI generated fake news articles/images about global political issues get really started.


Bloody impossible with Leigh Bowery


Yeah well said. I’d really liked his output musically and the recent YouTube vids he’d done as well as an interview or two where he showed contrition (an appealing character trait) but this stuff that’s systematically been posted in every obituary I’ve read of him (all pointing to this same article/page) has dulled my opinion of him somewhat

Most of my favorite artists I’ve met I was surprised how big of goobers they are. I wouldn’t recommend meeting them or getting to know anything about their personal beliefs. They communicate with you through their art. Nothing more. If you want vaccine advice, read stuff by an immunologist.