Recent British Rock Recommendations

Hi All,

As someone who grew up on UK rock through the 80s/90s/00s, hoping someone can recommend some more recent bands/tracks. While I still try my best to stay up to date on house, dub/roots, balearic etc, I have fallen behind the times a bit when it comes to UK rock. I am a huge fan of the Doves, Ian Brown, Manic Street Preachers, to give an idea of what I like.


Django Django, Snapped Ankles, Mark Peters, Beak>, Soccer96, Black Midi, Young Fathers, Ghostpoet, The Invisible, Wild Beasts all worth checking I reckon…


Love Snapped Ankles.
Few more I like, Febueder & Orielles.

Snapped Ankles has been on repeat all day and vinyl ordered. Thank you, this is exactly what I need right now!


Thanks for the responses, will be checking these out all day! Hope to hear more!

Squid are good too.

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I’ve mentioned them on here before but I think Private World are criminally slept on. They’re a new band from Cardiff but they sound like Blue Nile, Talk Talk, Double, It’s Immaterial . They have an album called Aleph on Dais which you can hear here Spotify . I said I wouldn’t spam the board with my own stuff but I manage a band called Do Nothing , they’re at the dancier end of post punk. They have covered Will Powers - Adventures In Success , its coming out as a 12" for RSD next Saturday…

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Saw Snapped Ankles live a few years ago, brilliant!

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Possibly not ‘rock’ but Diabolical Liberties are awesome.

I’ve really missed live music, I need to get some gigs booked in, only got Maiden Voyage festival & Go Go Penguin in the calendar so far.

Not British or recent really but i love the band Rolling Blackouts, Coastal Fever & this track in particular

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You can spam all you want. This new band sound ace. Also feel free to soak in the stuff I’m working on thread. Hope you nail it with them. :v:t3: