Random chart trivia question

I’m in a Facebook UK Chart group and a month ago decided to start posting a European record, each day, that missed the top-40 (but still charted 41-100). I thought it would give me an opportunity to post loads of great Balearic, New-Beat, Italo records, but it turns out Britain really disliked decent European records in the 80s and I’m running out of stuff to post.

Does anyone know anything good that charted 41-100? I’ve already done Stop Bajon, Wood Allen and A Split Second, amongst stuff like Yello, Peter Schilling, Spagna, Frida out of Abba, Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Unfortunately none of Hong Kong Sindikat, William Pitt, Piano Fantasia charted.




you should use the Official UK Charts website - you can enter any date and it will show you the Top 100 from that date. It’s quite good for those forgotten gems.

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Thanks, I’ve been using that site to search for groups, but hadn’t thought to pick a random chart and look that way. Cheers