Post Links To Your Music On Bandcamp Here

Spoke to Admin about this as I wasn’t sure of the etiquette. So this is the place to post links to anything you might have out that people can buy.

Obviously a day late for Bandcamp Friday. :man_facepalming:t2:

I’ll start off with a sample pack I’ve done for the mighty I :heart: Acid. Lots of gritty lo-fi drums and samples as well as lush pads and stabs. Over 400 samples to stick in your sampler of choice.


I’ve been getting more and more into folk music the last few years so I hit up a load of artists to submit original tracks to see where folk is in 2021 and where it’s heading. I have to say I’m totally chuffed with the tracks that came back from traditional to the downright futuristic, it’s all there.
BTW This is a heads up as it won’t release until April 15th.

Stream Pre-save: Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces

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