Obsessive Characters

I’m watching Chef’s Table: Pizza episode 2 which focuses on an Italian chef called Gabriele Bonci and how obsessive he is with everything from the environment in which his food is produced in to the life of the animal, etc. His life must be exhausting, and he must be exhausting to be friends with as he’s always questioning everything and is never satisfied. A true obsessive.

I’m always fascinated by people willing to allow themselves to dive so deep into something. Success obviously allowed Bonci to go down that path, but there are some who don’t have the financial success but still equally dive in. This isn’t 10,000 hours stuff but rather a billion hours stuff.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi is like this. Crazy dedication and many, many sacrifices,


Is it a food thing? It seems like it can be all-encompassing line of work that encourages them to go down this path.

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Yes, sushi. The obsession runs down through all his suppliers as well.

I meant an industry thing. Seems like all chefs at the top of their game are people who have almost made themselves ill from their obsessiveness.


There’s defo plenty of obsessive record collectors out there! And has anyone seen Jonathan Ross’s vintage toy collection??