Nuron/Fugue - Likemind 06

It’s official: 8 Nuron/Fugue tracks from the Likemind days are being repressed on a 2 x 12" compilation. Release date: March 26th.

Big love for all of these timeless productions.




If you scan eBay you can pick it up on pre order for £48 :joy::joy:ffs some people.

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Yes! Been after this since that Gatto Fritto UK Techno records thing on TP a few years ago. Some other great stuff on there.

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Makes me want to get in the garage and dig out my Stasis records

Only great tunes in here!


Occasionally a lot of the UK stuff from this era leaves me a bit cold, it’s good in many ways but it doesn’t really swing. Include Stasis in this sometimes as well. Weirdly I have a lot of it stuck in my garage as I bought it at the time.

I think the BFC/Psyche EP with Chicken Noodle Soup on would beat that selection up in a pub car park.

Think Simon Reynolds goes into it better than I could in Energy Flash.

Also it’s only in hindsight you realize how much Aphex Twin owes to 808 States “New Build”, though he did reissue it.