New bar gigs - where do I start?

So it’s a post-covid landscape and your fave bars have shut down. you’re currently a bit ‘homeless’, nowhere seems to be playing your music, and you want to start something up with hand picked and trusted DJs, (not a posh ‘listening’ thing, something a bit more lively) somewhere with a clued up/supportive owner, potential decent sound, within radius but where the neighbours/police/wrong’uns aren’t an issue. Is this a mirage or can it be done?

I’m currently in a very built up corner of Spain where sound is severely limited everywhere so it won’t be easy. I guess certain things are universal. I remember all the grief pals had in London with various things and sometimes it was worth it and sometimes it was a faff. The area around Hackney always seemed to be blessed with an infinite supply of pubs and arty spaces where you could do stuff but I don’t know looking back if we were just exceptionally lucky. Just wondering what experiences any of you have had starting something from scratch and any DOs/DON’Ts etc etc. Ta!