Music & Memories

I’ve been reading this epic article on The Beatles by David Remnick and he says this. I think that’s totally right. To the point where I used to write the date and city I bought records in to remind myself in later years…


it’s amazing how you can forget who was with you or what year it was exactly, but have memories of dancing to a particular song in a particular place engrained in your memory.


This is kind of why I ended getting completely addicted to a lot of library music a few years back. In that case, the tracks would be really familiar because I’d heard them numerous times used as theme tunes or as background music in TV shows, but the source of the memory would be utterly obscured, because it wasn’t music I’d been consciously listening to. A really powerful effect which could literally stop me in my tracks at times


It’s been amazing watching ToTP back, because often that was the first time you heard a band / song / style of music and you can rewatch it in the exact context you first saw it in.
Obviously I don’t still live with my mum & dad but you know what I mean.


Yes totally. Lots of childhood memories stirred by TOTP or seeing 80s music videos. And then to the extent of a piano break or bassline transporting you to a dancefloor you’d long forgotten about. Certain tracks even conjure up the smell/taste of dry ice.

Funny really as I’ve generally forgotten entire decades of other stuff.


This year I’ve been writing down all the new releases I’ve listened to and bought in my journal. It’s helpful to flick back through and helps me remember with more clarity where I was and what I was doing at that time. Before that the memories would just be lost in the abyss of time.


And will make nominating tracks for Bill’s Furtive 50 a lot easier, no doubt :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: