Music / DJing dreams

DJing / music dreams are the most common dreams I have. And something is ALWAYS going wrong in them. For example, last night I dreamt I made an ‘experimental’ 12" for LIES but no record shops would stock it.

Anyone else have similar?


Playing a set in front of a crowd and not being able to mix the next tune in for whatever reason is quite a common anxiety dream. Sometimes I can’t find the next record I want to play or sometimes I just run out of time while i’m trying to cue the mix up.


I used to have a recurring dream that there was a secret detroit techno record shop in my home town, above Clinton Cards.

It was huge inside like the tardis, and they had every techno record known to man, including rare planet e, retroactive, UR releases etc. Mostly stuff my brain had made up that never even existed.

I’d buy so many records that I’d struggle with them walking down the street, and invariably the bags broke, and I either dropped and smashed them, or I got robbed.

I still look up every time I walk past Clinton’s, just in case I catch a glimpse of something black and shiny.


Yeah, variants on this loads. There’s some reason why I can find/play the next song and the crowd just drifts away.


Love this, maybe one day you’ll chance upon a hidden door…


I was intrigued when Mccartney famously said he dreamt the tune to yesterday because music or even sound never enters that part of my consciousness. Nor lettering of any kind. I guess the nearest is drugs. Not so much a dream as a hallucination I had in fabric (more than once!) that I could see coppers in high viz storming the place or a whole load of kids from my school all grown up who I hadn’t seen in 15 years. A recurring theme for a while every time I returned. Seemed to be related to those really trippy triangular swedgers that were doing the rounds in 2006. As for K-holes, it often felt like you were actually living out dreams in real time, except with additional mental 3D chaos, if that makes sense?


Had this one many times too. The DJ equivalent of a fight dream where your arms are all floppy.


I’ve dreamt a couple of times that I’m digging with a friend in Vancouver, on a chilly, snowy afternoon. We find some great records and then plan to walk to a bar, but the dream ends before we get there.

Neither my friend or I have been to Vancouver, so I’m not sure where this comes from.


Dreams never end - Dave Haslam’s Substack

I convinced myself at one point that there was a treasure trove of vinyl up there just waiting to be discovered. I even went as far as identifying entry points. Then I had a quiet word with myself.


pretty much all my anxiety dreams are djing related. usually, i’m in some sort of a pinch where i’m running late and can’t get my records. or, that i’ve shown up to the gig with six records and nothing more.

in the 90’s pretty much every one had the same red LED clock. had one in the club i worked at, and next to my bed. it happened multiple times that i’d wake halfway through my slumber, take a quick look at the clock, and go back to dreaming, that i was looking at the clock next to the turntables. and then i’d get so mad that the crowd wouldn’t just go home. i’d do the quick dream-math and be like “i’ve been playing for 14 hours straight why won’t they JUST LEAVE?”


Still have the odd dream about being in a band onstage and either my fingers won’t work, or the neck of my guitar is all rubbery, or another regular one is that the rest of the band are playing a new tune and I can’t find the right chords!

I haven’t played live in a band for about 16 years :joy::joy::joy:

(weirdly I do play live Techno and yet I don’t have anxiety dreams about that)


I was playing a day party and this actually happened to me in real life.

I’d taken some experimental new drug and as a result i couldn’t put the needle into the groove of the record. Every time it got close to going in i would feel this immense pressure pushing it the other way that was mirrored in my brain. I tried over and over again until i had to lie on the ground under the decks to chill out for a bit and pass the responsibility to the other guy i was playing with.

This was during the day in an upmarket(ish) style bar that was packed with people who’d come specifically for this event. I am absolutely not normally like this either, i am pretty strait-laced when it comes to djing (maybe not musically).