Most Wanted/Unwanted?

Not sure what forum rules are re any sort of trading, be it private selling or just swapsies - I only ask because this one will no doubt quickly lead there :grin:(@Apiento?), but has anyone started a thread with people’s ‘must haves’ vs their ‘surplus to requirements’ vinyl before?

are we talking noel edmonds?

I think we discussed this as a group before. @Piers can you or anyone else remember the outcome?

My take… There’s always the private messaging here I guess so if you list off what your most wanted are publicly in the thread and then someone privately reaches out then it’s on you guys/girls to figure it out. Not sure a public swap shop is a good idea though. Not sure why.

Thanks, wasn’t intending to set one up, just getting ahead of it as a potential bi-product before I got myself in trouble…

Ha! Multicoloured is it?

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Any way, on topic, l used to absolutely LOVE trying to ID a tune from a hazy memory of the night before, even more so in the pre-internet days. Found the Itchy & Scratchy mixes of Sheer Bronze - Walking On for £1 in a record fair 20+ years after starting the quest to ID it. That was sooo sweet!

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I started this thread, but it didn’t really take off…

Yep, I feel you mate - lead balloon here too…

I’d just post your wants and go from there… :smiley:

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I was only playing with that last post, but thanks for the mini pep talk post all the same though :slightly_smiling_face: If I’m honest with myself, I think I was probably hoping to have a nose at what everyone else is desperately seeking!! :grin: