Monthly Best

What’s the best thing you have purchased this month?

My favourite January & February purchases (both discovered via test pressing):




this would be a cool sticky or separate category, maybe lump in general culture for that month

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That Ana Roxanne album is unbelievably good.

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I agree!

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What’s a Sticky? Not au fait with this forum terminology yet. Just about managed to set up a topic

This means it remains pinned at the top of a topic list. But if it umbrellas music and more it goes beyond one category ?

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This from the reformed New Zealand hip hop outfit Team Dynamite is the best thing I think I’ve heard this year. It’s my pick for March. Great production and themes.

Interesting short doc about them too here:


One of the best albums released in 2020.

This forum continues to damage my bank balance. Couldn’t choose between these two March purchases.

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