Love Is The Message Podcast

Hey folks! Just felt like I would like to help spread the word on the release of this new podcast by Tim Lawrence and Jeremy Gilbert!
Definitely feels like this will be a good one and something I’ve been missing…

Quote below from Tims facebook:

”As the blurb goes: “Tune in, Turn on and Get down to in-depth discussion of the sonic, social and political legacies of radical movements past and present, from the 1960s to today. Starting with David Mancuso’s NYC Loft parties, we’ll explore the countercultural sounds, scenes and ideas of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.”

You can listen to the show through our Patreon at Love is the Message: Music, Dance & Counterculture is creating Love is the Message Podcast | Patreon or search “Love is the Message: Dance, Music and Counterculture” in your podcast app. The public podcast is at Love is the Message: Dance, Music and Counterculture • A podcast on Anchor

We’re also at:
Facebook: Love is the Message: Dance, Music & Counterculture - Home | Facebook

The idea to do a show came about after Jeremy and I lost half our jobs as a result of university cuts. It made perfect sense. We’ve taught together since 1997. We’re also both authors and DJs. We’ve also been organising audiophile dance parties together and with friends since 2003. We have thoughts and experiences to join together and share.

We’re beginning with a series of introductory episodes that’ll provide an overview of the key themes and reference points we’ll be returning to again and again as the podcast evolves, uploading these episodes weekly. The first show explores: why “Love Is the Message”? Episodes on counterculture, the Loft, our journey to meeting and working with David Mancuso, dance floors and sound systems, love as a line of enquiry and the specificity of the 1970s will follow.

Once we’re done with the intro episodes we’ll release a new episode every two weeks for as long as people tune in (and support the work). We hope you’ll join us–please share!

I’ll leave you with this thought:

“There’s one big party going on all the time. Sometimes we get to tune into it.” The rest of the time there’s Love Is the Message.”


This will be good!

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First episode was fantastic! I look forward to them getting to rave culture.

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It was excellent, full support from me. Great discussions on 70’s music and why it sounded the way it did.

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