Looking forward. What's next?

I love the instagram videos posted every day. But…but…they always hark back to a day that will (probably) never be recreated. I’m 48 so trust me, I yearn for those days as much as anyone else. I thank my lucky stars I was able to be part of the scene, see so many great people play, experience something special, make some great friends.

Maybe it’s all wrapped up in the pandemic, and for me, Weatherall’s death was a huge deal that lead to a lot of looking backwards. Don’t get me wrong the celebration of AW was truly amazing. And of course I bought Dave Swindells’ book. Cos it’s great - amazing memories of a trip to Ibiza in 91. But… what’s next?

I’d love to know what future music, dj’s, events, magazines, radio stations - whatever it is - people are excited about. It’s fun to look backwards but it’s even better to look forward :slight_smile:


I’m sure the youth will have their own thing going on (they probably already do), and fair play to them, let them have their fun, been there done that. For me, and others I’ve spoken with, there is no real desire to be partying at 6am in a sweaty club (especially in a post Covid landscape). I’d be happy with more afternoon into evening, outdoor shindigs - smaller gatherings with a focus more on amazing music and a high quality system - like The Rotation Garden Party, for example.

What will be interesting to see though, is what becomes of the thousands of empty properties that will now proliferate the commercial landscape for the next few years - will we ever see the resurgence of shops, or has that ship well and truly sailed? Even if we do, there will need to be some drastic changes made to everything that contributed to to the decline of the high street- huge rent reductions, a fundamental change to business rates/property tax. What will happen to these huge department stores, nightclubs, deserted pubs? I haven’t really been into Central London since the end of October - my wife and I went to the Warhol exhibition at The Tate Modern and then walked from there, up through Covent Garden and into the West End - it was truly heartbreaking - and that was before this lockdown kicked in. What on earth are the Government and these institutional landlaords going to do to entice occupiers back.?

Lockdown has certainly created some wonderful opportunities though - there have been some great radio stations set-up especially during lockdown 1 when EVERYONE was obeying the rules, the weather was great so there were audiences on tap - things like The Isolation Station, Amateurism Radio etc, positively blossomed during these times. I still maintain that 2020 was also one of the strongest years for musical releases in a good few years. I struggled to pick a top 20, not because there were too few to choose from, but because I didn’t want to leave so many out. New businesses have been formed and, as was in 87/88, the spirit of acid house has spawned some fantastic collaborations. It will be interesting to see, whether once places do start opening up again, perhaps all those amazing tunes from last year that never got achance to be tested out properly on the dancefloors, will have a resurgence this year, thus diluting the quality 2021’s offerings/musical output. Who knows?