Long shot. Who was "DJ Rocky"?

About 15 years ago, the Tigersushi website had a mix on it by a “DJ Rocky” which claimed to be something like ‘the authentic sound of Ibiza’ and was an mix of Italo like Hypnotic Tango, People From Ibiza, Magazine 60’s Don Quichotte. It was kind of cheesy but I loved it and it was my intro to a lot of that stuff.

I’ve always wandered who was “DJ Rocky” . Rocky (of …and Diesel) doesn’t remember doing it and it didn’t seem his style. Something about the description made me assume they were Ibizan or at least not British.

Does anyone know who they were?

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No, but looks like they were based in Paris:


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Thanks for that, I’d had a go at retrieving the page previously on Wayback Machine and failed. I’d never spotted the mention of Paris in there before

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They also did some other mixes for Tigersushi:



Are these mixes online anywhere now?

Not that i’ve ever come across, sadly. The Tigersushi site hid them behind some kind of player, so I don’t think I ever managed to download them

I spent longer than I should probably admit trying to find them earlier, but no joy. Joakim Bouaziz would probably be the best person to ask, as he would almost certainly have known DJ Rocky.


Yeah, ask Joakim on instagram, he’ll probably answer you.