London loft party 3/12 a near complete track list

London loft party 3/12

Here we go, a near complete track list from last nights party at their new venue London Irish Centre. Was super fun- Colleen played all night- I missed a few tracks at the beginning but she got stuck in early on -

Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulo Nimbus Mix By Pal Joey) by The Orb

You and Music by Donald Byrd

Wax the Van (Jon’s Dub) by Lola

Solar Flair by More Amour

We’re On Our Way Home, Pt. 1 by Brainstorm

Get Ready for the Future by The Winners

You Gave Me Love by Crown Heights Affair

Straight from the Heart (Moplen Remix) by Loose Change

Sweet Blindness by Mighty Pope

Wings of Fire by Dennis Coffey

I’ll Tell You by Sergio Mendes

Don’t Stop, Keep On by Kat Mandu

Peace Pipe by B.T. Express

Tonight by Suzy Q

Cannonball (instrumental) by Supertramp

Dance by ESG

Infinity (Josh’s Extended Disco Mix) by Pigeon

Out of Here (feat. Jonny Spencer) by Velmondo & Priorat

Tropicalissimo by Muşta

The Rind by Lindstrøm

Come On Down, Boogic People by Dave Williams Inner Circle

Waking the Spirits by Bob Holroyd

Hustler Super Disco (Monsieur Scott Reedit) by Tony Allen & Africa 70

Space Bass by Slick

Starchild (1981 Remix Long Version) by Level 42

Got To Have Loving by Cerrone

Voyage by Brian Bennett

A Safe and Happy Place (Extended 12" Disco Version) by Powerdance

Come Go with Me (Club Mix) by Pockets

Express Yourself by New York Community Choir

Mighty High by The Mighty Clouds of Joy

Shout from the Rooftop (John Morales M+M Main Mix) by Axnér

Light and Shadow (feat. monolog) by Manabu Nagayama

Changing Times (1999 Remastered) [feat. Frankie Beverly] by Maze

Expansions by Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

City, Country, City (Original Mix) by Little Big Bee

Hypnosis by Psychotropic

Miss You by The Rolling Stones

Stand on the Word (1982 Version) by The Joubert Singers

Message In Our Music by The O’Jays

I Want to Thank You by Alicia Myers

Drifting by Charles Earland

Land of Make Believe by Chuck Mangione & Esther Satterfield

That’s the Way of the World by Earth, Wind & Fire


Thanks for sharing, some gems in there I wasn’t aware of

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Sounds like heaven, thanks for the listing.

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I imported your list into a public Tidal playlist (with credit to you and referencing back to this thread), which is 90% correct (4 songs missing and the Pal Joey edit of the Orb track isn’t on streaming services AFAIK)


Woah nice!

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Great sleuthing :green_heart: I think Colleen will be impressed.

All the bar staff are Irish too- I asked how much for a spirit and mixer “7 euros” he said


I’m not so sure. She/they always request that there is no use of mobile phones on the dance floor out of respect for other dancers and keeping the floor sacred. An email with ‘ground rules’ was sent to everyone on the party list specifically mentioning Shazam and photos etc on the dance floor.
This isn’t a dig at Henry and isn’t meant to be pofaced but the idea of shazaming and cataloguing every single track is surely anathema to losing yourself in the dance/party.
Whilst i’m sure the list is appreciated by many, the Loft Canon is not exactly esoteric and has been poured over for decades. Nice to see Colleen broadening things out a little though.
I’m all for ID requests up to a point but nothing beats losing yourself in the moment and then half remembering the tune days/weeks/months even years later and letting your mind fill in the blanks.


I hear ya but my mind doesn’t work like that- I gotta know what the track is- then I can lose myself in the moment lol

I’m sure if they had Shazam in the 70s there would be a least one nerd like me doing it


That’s all fine but I think if you’ve been asked to refrain then it’s only polite to respect the wishes of the party organisers. I see it as a positive thing at the Loft parties.


I’ve never been to the Loft but have this odd self imposed rule that I never (or very rarely) Shazam on the dance floor. Doesn’t bother me at all if other people do it, but I quite like the mystery of not knowing everything and the thrill of eventually hearing or finding things again months or years later. Guess I’m just trying to relive the dream of the 90s.

Any other scenario I will Shazam away.


I’m far from an expert on the Loft parties but have been to a good few and from what I understand the idea is to have an episodic musical experience as a whole rather than breaking it down into individual nuggets. Again, no expert but something to do with DM’s understanding of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and for me just a better, more convivial way of holding a party. Gentle intro, building nicely to a peak and then floating back down to earth.
With the greatest of respect, the individual tracks, given the right crowd, could all be heard at any half decent Wedding party these days, I think what makes the Loft quite special is the thing as a whole, which includes the phone/dancefloor policy.

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Thanks for this to both!

Went to a few Lofts incl one of DM’s final ones at the Light Bar and I liked a lot of the music but it never felt like a wild party in the way say Lowlife did (and where you’d hear a lot of the same tunes). I just think you can’t recreate things… feels too studied, which is why I boycott any shamelessly nostalgic events. As for the shazam thing, i do it less and less in public, mainly now on mixes at home

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I read this as Guru Josh Infinity & thought blimey


Bill once described one of the first Light Loft parties as a sort of museum piece - the V&A of disco. I said to David a few times why not do an all nighter which would bring a different vibe but he seemed to have no interest in that sort of party.


Haha can you imagine

I did as well initially lol, thought it was once again…time for the Guru!


It’s what the world needs right now.


New here - I’ve been to some of the lucky cloud things, with the same ‘no phones on dancefloor’ is stated when you buy tickets and around the venue. I have occasionally recorded a short video in my pocket but with no image - so i had the audio to look up the song when home. But doing that all night, writing it down, and then posting it on a forum, seems a bit :man_shrugging: