Live acts on tour

Has anybody seen anything interesting live recently? Anything worth trying to catch on tour now? Have to say its rare I get to see live acts and bands Got to catch the Kyoto Jazz Massive tour last night in Manchester, a bit of a cheeky mid week treat. Thought the band were really good and although Shuya Okino seemed to play a fairly minor part in the affair respect to him for putting the music and band together. Quite surprised that they actually did Shuya’s epic cover version of Rose Royces “still in love” and it sounded stunning. Another highlight was the bass player who could properly shred. Willl try and post a video. Anybody else caught the tour or even checked the new album?

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Eddie Chacon was brilliant at We Out Here. On tour with John Kirby soon, I’ll be going to the Church of Sound gig


I’m off to see Gabriels in London in a couple of weeks.

We’re going to the Paris gig in November…

Just bought Gabriels tickets for my Mrs. Said she could take a friend. Think I’m going to regret not offering to take her.

I bought the tickets for my wife’s birthday. Gabriels is about the only music that I don’t get a “your music is **** put something else on” response to!

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