Lewisham Soundsystem Day

Good times with Piers at this today.


Will you be doing some TP articles on this? As somebody who has this in their DNA I’m kind of not sure where this fits in to the scheme of things…today. Historically I’m not really understanding several of key points of the ownership and management of those famous collectives with ‘soundsystem’ in title.

I view it as ownership of your entire production and music output, from there we can go steadily down the food chain to a party with your phone with YouTube rips in a bar. Not that either would be a better or worse party. I never called my productions a ‘sound system’ although they were effectively an entire production and I made the lot myself, although not in the reggae traditions…what a minefield…!

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Tbf it sounds like you might be better placed to write that article than us :smiley:

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I’d assume some interviews from those particular Lewisham systems on the day might give some insight, it looked like quite a media focused type event from the entry form.

I’m trying to get out and play records myself, less so documenting history or current events.

Hope you had a great day!

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