Italians do it better

Agua Re all time fave

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NICE! Love this

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Does anyone have a decent quality rip of this one?

these are great

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Ossia tune from back in the day.Been after a copy for years.Any help please?

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Only heard this remix for first time on a mix last night…

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Another from said Mix :heart_eyes:

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Was it a Truly Madly mix?

Found it.
Mix of the Week #497: Aura Safari by Dream Chimney on #SoundCloud


Listening now, thank you. I presume that’s Nicholas who put it together. Very nice start.

Listened to it while going for a run on Monday, lots of nice tracks there.

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Finally got around to this thread. Gems galore.
Here’s my contribution. Melodic but tough, would have worked well at Wiggle in the 90s.

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A-side not too bad either, to be fair.

Italo does it better (100bpm) by nathan davis on #SoundCloud