Italians do it better

Their only release, crazy! And their English lol

I always wondered what that was about, having Italian football on channel 4. My local pub in Walthamstow does it now, they have some Italian football channel.

I think they were piggybacking on Italia 90 and Gazza’s tears and the middle classes rediscovering football. I liked James Richardson’s schtick which was pretty dry and funny. Went on a lot longer than they anticipated due to it becoming such a cult C4 show.

I can remember watching this for sure on it…


It was great TV, serie a was fantastic back then.


:100: James Richardson sipping a cappuccino in some stunning Italian piazza reading out the headlines in the sports papers, an enduring image. Brought a bit of la dolce vita to my early 90s existence. Contrast with the Sunday Supplement on Sky, fake croissants and some weathered hacks/gentlemen of the press :grinning:


Me too!

Loved the Saturday morning show, I watched it every week. I even watched the mezzanotte game mid week sometimes. Richardson was great and had a look about him that said: how the fuck did I pull off this brilliant gig?!


The breakfast was real on the cricket equivalent. But aged very quickly under the lights I’m told :smile:


:grin:I bet it would!

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I bet Sky now have all the foreign matches sown up

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Completely overlooked this label back then, probably because it was more techno/prog leaning.
Some good stuff, but pricey now though.


There’s a niche show on Estonian radio called Hedonic Italic dedicated to Italian music and here is Manu Archeo’s latest mix for them.

  1. Hear & Now - Larus
  2. LOVA - Venezia 26 02
  3. Sara Loreni - Neve A Maggio (Mushrooms Project Feat. Leo Almunia Balearic Version)
  4. Shitân - Disco Shitân (Long Version)
  5. Mina - Senza Fiato
  6. Feel Fly - Esperanto (Marcoradi Remix)
  7. Il Quadro Di Troisi - Real
  8. Franco Battiato - Segunda Feira
  9. Miguel Bosé - Miraggi (Dub Version - Manu Archeo Slow Edit)
  10. Maria Monti - L’Uomo
  11. CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea - Annarella
  12. Hear & Now - Abisso

If you are partial to a bit of classic disco Gianni Bini’s new album on Groove Culture is a dead cert with numerous playable tracks

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