Is this begging?

Hi all

Long-time listener, first-time caller. Wanted to gauge opinion.

The long and laboursome process of digitising my collection hasn’t been as fruitful as I would have hoped. My Pro-Ject turntable, analogue to digial set up has hit a hitch in that the quality of each recording is so poor, that I’ve had to give up. Possibly a bad connection, but after umpteen attempts to sort, I’ve basically given up.

With more and more gigs on the horizon and with most not having turntables, I am left with a huge gap in my library (mainly Balearic releases 2016-2020 and 70s soul). Bandcamp and download cards have been a godsend, but many links from purchases from 5-6 years ago are now dead. So, I’ve started the process of getting in touch with several label owners and asking them for a link to the downloads. I only do this if I’ve purchased the item (sending them a pic of my copy). To be fair, they’ve all been cool to date and mainly agreed, sending me several bits by Dropbox, etc…

The way I see it, if I don’t have to spend more money on stuff I already own, then I can spend it on more new material via Bandcamp, etc… and thus, the purchasing circle of life and money to more artists continues.

However, I woke up in the middle of the night riddled with guilt. I am just begging…? :grimacing:

#guiltyconscious #firstworldproblems

I think you’re fine. Most people would just download the stuff illegally. If they’re sending you the stuff it means they don’t mind.