Inventive Edits

It’s a quick rip of mine, might have a few pops and crackles.


Superb. That’s very kind of you, thanks!

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Heard this the other day: OSSX edit of Erykah Badu. Think it’s on their BC.


Loving that.

Had the Tarika Blue album on over the weekend. Dreamflower always gets an airing when the sun comes out.


I think it’s funny looking back how I had no idea 20 years ago what an edit was or that in many cases bootleggers were shamelessly pilfering from all over the place. There were some really good ones c/o Prince Language, Greg Wilson, Pilooski, Peter Visti, Lovefingers… which were more imaginative than most but I think it did all get a bit out of hand when people were just looping dreadlock holiday or bruce hornsby and I dunno if it got cheesy . I remember someone saying that edits were useful tools but which often sterilised disco records ironing out the creases and weird bits and maybe that wasn’t such a good thing. AOR Disco realised that things were getting weird when people on Soundcloud were complimenting some guy in his bedroom over the actual musicians who made the track which is maybe why they shifted direction?


You gotta know how to work a crowd, in order to tease out a tune in the edit booth imo.

It all got too easy to do sadly. They’re still churning em out now. Most of it is utter crap.


Everybodys groovin, everybodys movin baby