In Memorium 2021


U Roy, The Originator 1942 -2021


Another reggae icon, Bunny Wailer has passed aged 73.


Though I am sure there are many many far better records of his this one got rinsed…


This has been the home school anthem in our house.

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Beautiful. All falls into place in the second verse.

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DMX has now been fully confirmed as dead.

I’m actually kind of surprised by the warmth and love he’s being shown by a lot of my pals. TBH i didn’t get it - there was an era that he was part of where everyone was hella shouty and while there’s some undeniable classics in the shouty genre (ante up!) it just seemed like the trend of that time was to get a gravel-voiced shouty guy to sound like he was gonna kick you in the ballbag.

i certainly couldn’t play a full set of that at the time it was new - but as my participation in a board such as this might infer, you can guess that i liked things a little more chilled out. maybe a song here or there, but DMX tracks in the club just seemed to turn shifty guys into full on garbage people.

so now i’ll go back and listen to some more DMX because a lot of folks i like & respect mention that he’s a bit more uh, sensitive or thoughtful in his lyrical content than i might have guessed. who knows, i might learn something.


Not my type of Rap at all at the time, hated Ruff Ryders & Murder Inc & all that type of stuff but later on i got into a couple of his tracks & still love these 2.

He also described Steven Seagal ( who he starred in some action film with) as ‘a f*ckhead with spray on hair’ which always makes me laugh when i think about it.


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POS animal abuser. Fuck him

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Reggae Deejay Trinity, Of ‘Three Piece Suit’ Fame, Dead At 67