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Brilliant all wrong speeder mix from JAZ from the wrong speed thread, how many IDs can we get?

Listen to Prima Musica with J.A.Z. by Prima Musica on #SoundCloud


Here are the few JAZ has IDed himself

first track
White Door - In Heaven @45

Chris Paul ft. David Joseph - Expansions '86


an edit he has done off this release

his own edit at -16

DJ HMC - Dirty Acid Trax A2 (@ 33)

1hr 4min…1/release/1144423

Going out on a limb, I reckon this is at 1:03:00. Very slowed down.

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spot on i think sir

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Also love the Andi Hanley edit of this

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@RichHall @howler, Busted!! I only recognised it from the Andi Hanley edit on Rong Records. Wouldn’t’ve had a clue otherwise. First time i’ve actually listened to the original and amazed at how much the edit has been slowed down. :+1:

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19mins is this @ 33

this one comes in at about 29:30

44 mins

67:30 is the break from this one that I mentioned in the other wrongspeed thread:

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Thought I’d keep the track ID’s in one thread…anyone know what the track at 1.12 is here?