I have a radio show - you are all welcome!

Hello All, it’s been a while since I have been on here !

I wanted to offer out an opportunity for anyone who wants to share some of their mixes and to potentially come on the radio show that I have been producing for the last 6 years. It’s called The Collective and goes out every fortnight in Birmingham and on the internet. We had to change things up due to CV-19 but have hit a pleasant run for the past 18 months, lock down helped me really concentrate on it which is nice.

Anyway, drop me a message if you have any music you would like to share or say hi via my Instagram tombelte/drop me a PM. We have recently had Dr Rob, Andy from Balearic Social, Rob J, Nick Cubley, Howler (hello mate) Dave Pickering and a load of other people on. No female DJ’s since last year, that would be nice if we could !

This week it’s just been me in for three hours - lots of music I think you lot will like (well I hope anyway) for your pleasure.

Mixcloud - for the shows/all RT’d on my profile.


Hi Tom, hope you’re well mate

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